Friday, December 31, 2010


Athena Kargeui’s instantly recognizable aesthetic of wispy, as-if-drawn-by-a-small-chi
ld line work was honed, like many young up-and-coming Los Angeles artists, by doing zine and poster illustrations for and drawings of the various characters that revolve around the DIY music scene of L.A. Briefly returning from her self-imposed exile in Lima, Peru, where she recently dropped out of art school, Karguei has assembled some of the brightest and most original artists to spring forth from the scene for S H O W R O O M/D U M M I E S, running from January 1 to the 29th of 2011 at L.A. DIY mecca, The Smell.

Explains Kargeui “The first art-show I curated, in 2008, was called ‘All Up To The Artist’, and if the title doesn’t clue you in, there wasn’t much of a cohesive theme. I felt like a dummy, as if I had no idea what I was doing. Over time, however, I’ve come to see the beauty in not knowing the ‘proper’ way of creating or displaying art. We are all dummies, and the current scene in LA is free of the constraints that might threaten to make us more polished, less interesting artists.”

Not unlike the music scene that has been so instrumental in lending a platform for their art, the artists in question are a wildly disparate bunch, ranging from the acid-addled homeroom sketch grotesquery of Paul Kubasek to Philippe De Sablet’s high contrast love letters to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it surrealism of every life in Los Angeles. Other featured artists include Cali DeWitt, Janet Kim, Jackie Friedberg, Cassie Grzymkowsky, and Elon L. Etzioni. Opening night will be accompanied by musical performances from like-minded dummies such as Tearist, TIK//TIK, Back to The Future The Ride, and Protect Me.

-Jon Christian Yates// Kevin Skyler

Art Show Opening No. 2 (from All Up To The Artist No.1)

P R O T E C T M E (ex-members of Ima Fucking Gymnist)

T E A R I S T (ex-member of Silver Daggers)


Back To The Future The Ride (Member of Foot Village)


$5.00 at 9pm
No entrance fee for Art Show 6pm.

Athena Kargeui

Jackie Friedberg (Ex-member of Panda! Panda!, Yellow Ribbon Suicide, current member of Winged Things)

Cali DeWitt (Teenage Teardrops, RVCA magazine)

Janet Kim (Member of The Softboiled Eggies, founder/creative director of Tiny Creatures)

Phil De Sablet (Ex-member of Yellow Ribbon Suicide, current member of Paper Rainbow, creator of zine XEROX)

Paul Kubasek (Member of NASA Space Universe, ex-member of Ex-oblivion)

Elon L Etzioni (Ex-member of The Amazements)

Kate Hall (Ex-member of MIKA MIKO, Teenage Moms, Bomb Squad, current member of DUNES) ARTIST NOT CONFIRMED

Cassie Grzymkowsky (Member of The Vivian Girls)

Friday, December 03, 2010

g i r l s g o n e w i l d

Andrew Arduini, Ivory Lee Carlson, Garrett Cathey, Claire Cronin, Matt Fishbeck, Aaron Frankel, George Friery, Tall Paul Gellman, Ramona Gonzalez, Athena Kargeui, Hedi El Kholti, Janet Kim, Emily Kuntz, Rachel Detroit Kucsulain, Patrick Kwon, Michael Leon, Jed Ochmanek, Ariel Pink Rosenberg, Kate Stewart, JC Rees, Veronica Shalom, Nathanael Luke Walton, Jean Yaste, Coco Yates and Jason Yates.

Performances by:
Alex Black & Samuel White, Ariel Pink Rosenberg, Basement Babies, Black Powder (of Weave), Claire Cronin, Drew Denny (Big Whup!), Embarrassing Powers, Gary Schultz, George Herms, Geneva Jacuzzi, Holy Shit, Jason Grier, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Puro Instinct, Rachel Detroit, Ramona Gonzalez (Nite Jewel) & Julia Holter, Softboiled Eggies, Vibe Central

Video Screenings by: Nick Amato & Friends, Hedi El Kholti (of Deleuze A-Z), Marcos Vera (Mexicali Rose)

Readings by: Bob Branaman, Michael C. Ford, S.A. Griffin, Hedi El Kholti, Michael Leon

December 18th 2010
Opening Night Big Deal Tiny Creatures
Doors at 6pm, free before 9pm, $5 after
Performances by (in order of appearance): Jason Grier, Embarrassing Powers, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Geneva Jacuzzi
Interactive Installations by Claire Cronin, Ivory Lee Carlson, Jean Yaste
Bookshelves:Penny-Ante curated for-sale collection of rare & signed
books and art catalogues courtesy of Book Soup (West Hollywood).
Guest DJ Don Bolles
*bring cash for Merch Table: zines, CD's, records, homemade items, and more!

December 21st 2010
Girls Gone Wild!
Doors at 6pm, $5
Musical Performances by (in order of appearance): Claire Cronin, Basement Babies, Drew Denny, Puro Instinct, Black Powder, Ramona Gonzalez (Nite Jewel) & Julia Holter
Reading by poet S.A .Griffin (at 10pm)
Cookies provided by Janet
DJ's Cole MGN and SFV Acid
*female attire and adornments encouraged

January 4th 2011
Tall Paul's Arts and Crafts Night!
Doors at 6pm, $2 for materials
Make god's eyes with Tall Paul!
Screening curated by Hedi El Kholti (of Deleuze A-Z)
Installation by Veronica Shalom

January 8th 2011
A Tiny Creatures Performance
Doors at 6pm, Performances start at 7:30pm $5
With Special Guest: George Herms e
Performances by Tiny Creatures artists: Rachel Detroit Kucsulain, Ariel Pink Rosenberg
Readings by Michael Leon and Mike C. Ford
Screening by Nick Amato & Friends, Marco Vera (Mexicali Rose)
Guest DJ: Erik Bluhm

Janaury 15th 2011
Doors at 6pm, $5
Performances by Holy Shit! Vibe Central, Softboiled Eggies, Alex Black and Samuel White
New Music by Gary Schultz
Readings by Hedi El Kholti (Semiotext(e)) and Bob Branaman
DJ's Jimi Hey and Anh Do
doors close at midnight

DIY Gallery 1549 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90026 213.977.9602
Gallery Hours 12-6pm Tuesday thru Saturday
Valet Parking available